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Krissy PhotoAbout 2 weeks ago, I really hurt myself working out.  I did something to my back, and was in a lot of pain.  I tried stretching a few days later, and the pain faded a little bit, but was definitely still there.  I took it easy at the gym for a week to let it heal some more.

So, a week later I decided I was good to go.  I did some leg workouts and did a 30 min run on the treadmill, I felt great.  Well, late that night my back sassed out on me, and I could barely walk up the stairs, even sitting down hurt.  It hurt more that it did when I hurt it originally.  I had never been in so much pain.

My mom called Pastor Wes, and told him I hurt my back.  With me only telling him it was my lower back, he told me to sit on a chair, and had my mom kneel in front of me holding my legs straight.  At first this really hurt.  He asked us both if we noticed one of my legs was longer than the other.  We both saw that my left leg was shorter; this was also the side where the pain was.  He told us to repeat after him, and told us to ask Jesus to heal my back and to thank Him.  We both did.  All of the sudden, right before out eyes, my legs were the same length.  I was shocked.  I believe in Jesus, I always have.  But the fact that this happened to me, I couldn't believe it.

I stood up, I felt about 40% better, but the pain was still too much.  We then told me the Lord was showing him where my pain was, he was right.  It was hard to explain but he got it.  I was told to hold the spot where it hurt, and thank Jesus for healing my back, repeatedly.  He told me to sleep with pillows underneath my legs, and to take it easy.  I went to bed, and I did what I was told, and believed Jesus was going to heal me.  I knew this because there was so much proof that had happened right before me.

The next day, I felt great!  I took it easy the rest of the week.  I was a team captain this past weekend for the Run for the Cure.  I motivated a group of people to raise money and to do the run, and I was afraid I wasn't going to be able to do it myself.  I did it, and felt great.  I am so thankful to Jesus  and to Pastor Wes for helping me.  I feel so blessed, and thank Jesus every day.

Dear Pastor,
I have known Wes Wolken and his family for ten years.  Their life and character is impeccable, their respect for authority proven, and their flexibility and willingness to be team players is tested.  Pastor Wes is clearly known by our congregation and many others as an individual gifted by God in the area of ministering to the sick.   We have had many people that we know receive healing through hi ministry.  If you have a desire to see the sick experience a transformation, then I recommend his ministry to you .   He is well able to teach on healing and minister it effectively.  Pastor Wes is a soul-winner and will present the Gospel of Grace very compassionately.

Having been a member, an elder, and Pastor in our growing congregation, we have had ample opportunity to view his character and ministry.  I believe that you will have tangible results and that you will be glad for his ministry among you.

Most Sincerely,

Robert J. Rotola
Senior Pastor
Word of Life Church

Woman Healed of Breast Cancer"Breast Cancer discovered April 15, 2000. 

Surgery May 1, followed by six months of chemo, July thru December.   May 2001, found tumor in other breast.  Chose not to do anything at that time as God died, so I didn't  have to suffer. 
We prayed for me on Sept.23.  He asked if I could feel it (the tumor).  I said yes.  He then asked me to go see if I could see or feel a change in it.  As I was in the ladies room, much to my amazement, I could feel it as it was going away.  I went back and shared with the church my findings.  Two and a half weeks later, I went and had a mammogram.  They took two sets of pictures and I was told by my doctor that he couldn't  find it (the tumor).  Had me look at the pictures and I couldn't see it; it was gone.  I then went to see the surgeon.  She took a sonogram.  And it was gone.  The Lord had taken it away."

Dylan Fabrycky HealingDylan and Lisa Fabrycky, rededicated in the Lord, January 20, 2002 at Word of Life Church.  " I was having back pain in my lower back that was interfering with every aspect of my life.  It was causing headaches, making me uncomfortable at church, and causing difficulties in my work as a carpenter.  On January 27, 2002, the Lord used Pastor Wes to show me that my back was out of alignment.  One leg was 1-1/2 inches shorter than the other.  Pastor Wes prayed with me and had me call on God for healing.  I literally watched as God restored my body to proper alignment.  After several years of being afflicted with this the Lord has healed m.
Praise God,

Lora Cruse Back Healed"For at least 17 years, I had no feeling in my right leg dues to a disk injury, that is, until Pastor Wes Wolken came into my store with Pastor Rob Rotola.  Pastor Rob is a customer or ours and he introduced me to Wes.  We visited for a while, go to know each other, talked about a specific purchase and they left.
A while later, Wes came back with his family to discuss the purchase, but this time, before he left, he asked me if I had back trouble.  I said that my back didn't hurt because I had no feeling because of the disk.  Long story short, Pastor Wes listened to God and prayed for me right there.  I have had feeling ever since. 
Thank you Lord Jesus for sending Pastor Wes."
Lora Cruse

July 20th, 2010

This is my story / testimony of my Journey back to my Father God, in Jesus name.

About 2 months ago, I went on a beer drinking binge.  I started at 6pm on a Friday , drank and smoked continuously until Saturday at 9pm, then ate and went to bed.  I had drank almost 60 beers and smoked a carton of cigarettes.

Sunday afternoon, I got up from my desk and almost passed out, had no balance and was dizzy.  My blood pressure was way high and I went to the emergency clinic.  My blood pressure was 211 over 120... This was my wake up call!  They gave me some meds and suggest I see my family Dr.

That Sunday I wanted to go to church and did.  A couple of days later I see a family Dr., he checks me out , prescribes new blood pressure meds and does some blood work.  A couple of days later  he calls me up and tells me my PSA level is high and I've got Prostate Cancer -(first of all, a PSA Test, is not proof of Prostate Cancer), so he sends me to a urologists for more test.  This Dr. tells me I have a tumor or a knot on my Prostate, and immediately wants to take my Prostate out, before he even knows if I have cancer, so he wants to do a biopsy on the Prostate and that in itself can kill you.  I refuse to do that.

In the meantime, I'm going to church, reading my Bible, and praying and praising God, in Jesus NAME!  My faith is growing and I have turned this problem over to my Father God in Jesus NAME.

I had told my son about my problem ( if I even got one) who told a friend of his, Wes Wolken, who is a minister of healing.  Minister Wes had a vision about me me, told my son to get me to him for prayer.  I went and we prayed for about 3 hours, then Wes asked me to take steps toward him, saying thank you Jesus over and over ( I am very skeptical about all of this), but Wes said I would be a healed man in Jesus name, free of any cancer!  About half way to Wes, I felt something come over me.  Something very powerful and different from anything in my life!  My wife and son were witnesses to this.

They told me afterwards, I began to yell very loud of Praise to Jesus and then some words they couldn't understand!  My arms raised to God, it was wonderful of what I remember of it.

For a fact, I felt the Holy Ghost pass through me.  I had been cleansed in the spirit, the soul, and the body.  If there was cancer, The Holy Ghost has taken it away.  I believe this with all my heart, as I believe / know that Jesus is my savior and he died on the cross for me.

I thank you My Father God for my healing, there is no cancer in my in Jesus name.  I thank you and I thank you for Wes Wolken.

Bob D. - Wichita, Ks.